Act I - The awakening of the mighty flame

from by Svatan



It started as a serpent hissing
Turning into an colossal vulture
Rising the unquiet souls
Come attain demons
So many hear the clatter
But less few the signs
The easiest way is to be deaf and blind
Started as a serpent hissing
Turning into a colossal vulture
Arise the untamed souls
Grows crowning demons
All men were born free
The fools teach them since their birth
To create in their minds
Their own imaginary prison
Now Rouse Thelemic shine
Not accepting the usual known way
Uncovering the most
Inhospitable borders
Ascending in concepts
Leaving the human moral traps

Seeking to reach
Thy own realm
Primordial arrival
To create
Their own Liber Oz
Homine Dominium
Captivas Spiritum
And at the appropriate time
Carve the way out from your dome
Or slowly rot
Without ever seeing an answer
Homine Dominium
Liberatem Spiritum
Hedonic pleasures, ephemeris pain
Incredible forces I shall domain
Infallible serpent starts to hiss
Going all up, to fly over dimensions
The will for power starts as desire
Let the spark, turn into fire
And at the appropriate time
We carved our ways out from our dome
Until the awakening of the mighty flame!!!


from Awakening of the mighty flame, released June 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Svatan Brazil

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