Awakening of the mighty flame

by Svatan

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released June 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Svatan Brazil

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Track Name: Act I - The awakening of the mighty flame
It started as a serpent hissing
Turning into an colossal vulture
Rising the unquiet souls
Come attain demons
So many hear the clatter
But less few the signs
The easiest way is to be deaf and blind
Started as a serpent hissing
Turning into a colossal vulture
Arise the untamed souls
Grows crowning demons
All men were born free
The fools teach them since their birth
To create in their minds
Their own imaginary prison
Now Rouse Thelemic shine
Not accepting the usual known way
Uncovering the most
Inhospitable borders
Ascending in concepts
Leaving the human moral traps

Seeking to reach
Thy own realm
Primordial arrival
To create
Their own Liber Oz
Homine Dominium
Captivas Spiritum
And at the appropriate time
Carve the way out from your dome
Or slowly rot
Without ever seeing an answer
Homine Dominium
Liberatem Spiritum
Hedonic pleasures, ephemeris pain
Incredible forces I shall domain
Infallible serpent starts to hiss
Going all up, to fly over dimensions
The will for power starts as desire
Let the spark, turn into fire
And at the appropriate time
We carved our ways out from our dome
Until the awakening of the mighty flame!!!
Track Name: Act II - The quest into my darkest enlightenment
Someone praise the integrity of human being and his infinite virtues
Believe in own goodness, they say, redemption, this is his offering
Don’t assume their blames
That is not my reality
My hunger has awaken me
Soulless puppets, sightless, following another fake one
His personality is in control, not his essence
Abandon all hope — Ye Who Enter Here now
All are alone with their plight – And I never will omit mine
In the quest into my darkest enlightenment
Facing horrible truths
The shine from led transmuting into gold
So many times comes
Burning the remais
To take the essence from dust
People are drowned in their ignorance
Judging all, same their equal
This is madness stupid realm
Let your angry awake
To know deepest ambitions
We are all alone
That is my quest
This is my Law
So don’t follow me
Track Name: Act III - Oppositor – Claritate doctrinae Sathanas
A false dignity, disguising the vile ambitions
It is hailed as the holy plague that devastates conscience and reason
Stupid man fighting
For the sake of an illusory realm
Surrendering their pride to tyrants without honor
I have learned to challenge all forms from taboos
All laws are made for unscrupulous and hypocrites beings
That force, the oppositor, I usually call Satan
So many times made me strong for the power of my conviction
Claritate doctrinae Sathanas
Claritate doctrinae Sathanas
The fair becomes hot coals in dry plains, release your flame, and let the servants of the polluted brook burn in them own oil
The masses will fall, everyone is blind and lost,
Can’t you see?
Don’t be part of slavery
Did you did the worm way?
Discharge their fury at all before your way
Point blame at every moment
But never settle your mind
Do not hold the dogmas that were not created for you
That will be my law
Always be even to their own convictions
The opponent
No matter how much you believe
Their perception inevitably will test
Only grow on its way
Only will flow into your bed
Only shine on his face
When your essence is free
Track Name: Act IV - The principle of thy wisdom… (…and grief)
All existence is just a journey – looking for a sense
This is about a journey
Inside ourselves
Searching something
Than you don´t know and has never been seen
Looking inside my abyss I found
Evil eyes watching me likewise
Are they my enlightenment?
Or will they really devour me?
Swindles and lies
Raising the haze above our eyes
Deep Inside myself I found
A bright power coming great
No absolute truth is real
Outside all dogmas my will shall reign
Here I am - My time is just now
Can you see?
Your answer is as clear as your wisdom
A mighty destiny will come
Rage and sorrow on the way
Pride and glory comes too
Orouborous flows unabated
Without mercy runs its course
…high and low will fly
Deeper and hard will go
Sorrow and pleasures in the way
Of all our conquers
Until the gates of hell
Born and die - day by day
Watchful to questions from my life
Becoming a living flame
Able so too warm
Or burn until the end
My body needs flesh and water
My spirit carnal magic and art
My mind knowledge and wisdom
With large appetite
Here's how the meal is vast,
To satisfy
My infinite hunger
Track Name: Act V - Blessed be the Godless man
Man created faith - To replace reason
Escape the worst fear - Its imminent end
His greatest pain - Hides with nescience
Weak, fool, spiritually lame
Hunting my Ghouls - Carving my gateway
Leave gods behind – from my domains
Living in the edge - Learn from my sins
Being the axe of my own headsman
Heretic, possessed, untamed, skeptic
Feeling shine this wise?
I´m Godless
I´m Satan and God
When I hold the key to my possession
The power will come under my control
No time for regrets, surrender or guilt - Foolish are cut at its root
Choose to be a loser or a winner,
or a fool will decide for you
Here I am reaching my own conclusions
Without a shepherd or a guide, no time for fucking illusions
I´m Godless
I ‘am Satan and God
When I hold the key to my possession
The power will come under my control
Anyone looks huge
For those on their fucking knees
We deny any faith, embracing the reason
Uncovering our darkness - Until the end
Living our pain - With conscience
Skeptic, Mighty, Spiritually free
Track Name: Act VI - This freedom justify thy existence
The most wise man, became jubilant with his insanity
Magnify your chalice, it is about to overflow
Allow your essence spreads like the purest gold of the deepest mines
Those who are not blind have the chance to fight to see the reflection of truth in your most valuable jewels
Take what's left of your ashes into the valleys,
and make your last fathoms became the largest fire of your soul,
the wise man screams
We know your face
And forever we will follow your signs
Over high mountains (The brightest stone)
or deepest hills (The priceless jewel)
The essence of self is present (The philosopher's stone)
The flame than keep us high
The power of will
The only priceless prize
We want
My mind is free more and more bright
svatan in his essence, self sufficient
Did you did the worm way?
my freedom must justify my own existence
See brother, your chains don’t exist!
Go up and fly away
Fallen, Despisers of own will, poisoned by the sands of time, let all the grains of your extensive desert become one elixir drop, destroy your mind prison
Be the bridge for those who plead for truth
Show them the way, but don’t show your steps
The only true is your own true
And it’s unique
Conquer your own world
Be the master of your own kingdom,
don’t let the great dragon penetrate your walls in lamb skin.
Be ready for the great chaos.
Be ready.
Not bow down to false chairs,
build your own throne
Fear, falsity and uncertainty are contagious
Be ready for the great chaos.
Be ready.
All the Gods are just fragments of men,
Disillusioned and lost time from their eternal weaknesses.
Take your ashes to the highest mountains
And build your highest flame.

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