Act VI - This freedom justify thy existence

from by Svatan



The most wise man, became jubilant with his insanity
Magnify your chalice, it is about to overflow
Allow your essence spreads like the purest gold of the deepest mines
Those who are not blind have the chance to fight to see the reflection of truth in your most valuable jewels
Take what's left of your ashes into the valleys,
and make your last fathoms became the largest fire of your soul,
the wise man screams
We know your face
And forever we will follow your signs
Over high mountains (The brightest stone)
or deepest hills (The priceless jewel)
The essence of self is present (The philosopher's stone)
The flame than keep us high
The power of will
The only priceless prize
We want
My mind is free more and more bright
svatan in his essence, self sufficient
Did you did the worm way?
my freedom must justify my own existence
See brother, your chains don’t exist!
Go up and fly away
Fallen, Despisers of own will, poisoned by the sands of time, let all the grains of your extensive desert become one elixir drop, destroy your mind prison
Be the bridge for those who plead for truth
Show them the way, but don’t show your steps
The only true is your own true
And it’s unique
Conquer your own world
Be the master of your own kingdom,
don’t let the great dragon penetrate your walls in lamb skin.
Be ready for the great chaos.
Be ready.
Not bow down to false chairs,
build your own throne
Fear, falsity and uncertainty are contagious
Be ready for the great chaos.
Be ready.
All the Gods are just fragments of men,
Disillusioned and lost time from their eternal weaknesses.
Take your ashes to the highest mountains
And build your highest flame.


from Awakening of the mighty flame, released June 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Svatan Brazil

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