Act III - Oppositor – Claritate doctrinae Sathanas

from by Svatan



A false dignity, disguising the vile ambitions
It is hailed as the holy plague that devastates conscience and reason
Stupid man fighting
For the sake of an illusory realm
Surrendering their pride to tyrants without honor
I have learned to challenge all forms from taboos
All laws are made for unscrupulous and hypocrites beings
That force, the oppositor, I usually call Satan
So many times made me strong for the power of my conviction
Claritate doctrinae Sathanas
Claritate doctrinae Sathanas
The fair becomes hot coals in dry plains, release your flame, and let the servants of the polluted brook burn in them own oil
The masses will fall, everyone is blind and lost,
Can’t you see?
Don’t be part of slavery
Did you did the worm way?
Discharge their fury at all before your way
Point blame at every moment
But never settle your mind
Do not hold the dogmas that were not created for you
That will be my law
Always be even to their own convictions
The opponent
No matter how much you believe
Their perception inevitably will test
Only grow on its way
Only will flow into your bed
Only shine on his face
When your essence is free


from Awakening of the mighty flame, released June 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Svatan Brazil

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